Puppy Shots Schedule: Holistic vs. Conventional Approach

Veterinarians may choose to place your puppy a conventional or holistic vaccination schedule, following specific guidelines designed to preserve the long-term health of your dog.
Conventional Approach
According to the American Kennel Club, there is an accepted schedule for puppy shots. These guidelines list recommended and optional shots according to the dog’s age.
Recommended Shots 6 – 8 Weeks: Distemper | Parainfluenza | Measles10 – 12 Weeks: Distemper | Hepatitis | Parainfluenza | Parvovirus12 – 24 Weeks: Rabies14 – 16 Weeks: Distemper | Hepatitis | Parainfluenza | Parvovirus12 – 16 Months: Rabies | Distemper | Hepatitis | Parainfluenza | ParvovirusEvery 1 – 2 Years: Distemper | Hepatitis | Parainfluenza | ParvovirusEvery 1 – 3 Years: RabiesOptional Shots 6 – 8 Weeks: Bordetella10 – 12 Weeks: Lyme Disease | Bordetella | Coronavirus | Leptospirosis14 – 16 Weeks: Lyme Disease | Leptospirosis |Coronavirus12 – 16 Months: Lyme Disease | …

Role of a Bird Vet

If you’re searching for the certified bird vet Rio Rancho families trust, Coronado Pet Hospital is your reliable source for exceptional avian healthcare. Our team of highly trained vets specializing in avian healthcare play an essential role in the keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Why Your Bird Requires Specialized Veterinary Healthcare
It’s important that your pet receives routine veterinary assessments to safeguard their long-term health. However, to receive the specific care they need, birds require specialized care that only a trained avian vet can provide. The knowledge and expertise of an avian vet play an important role in your bird’s long-term health.
During an avian examination, many aspects of your bird’s health will be addressed. To begin documenting your bird’s development, we’ll gather information regarding your pet’s medical history. We’ll then evaluate the bird, first through observation, then through effective yet limited intrusive examination. If necessary, the avian …

Importance of Annual Dog Vaccinations

Which Dog Vaccinations Are Necessary
We know how much your furry pet means to you and your family. At Santa Sofia our pets are our family too. Only you can decide what is best for your pet dog and Santa Sofia wants to make sure you are making the right decisions for your pet. If you’re searching dog vaccinations in Rio Rancho, continue reading to better understand the core vaccinations that are necessary for your dog.
Core vs Non-core Vaccinations
Core vaccines are known as important shots your pet needs because of hazard of contact with other animals, harshness of other virus’s or transmissibility to people. For Dogs: Vaccines for canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies are considered core vaccines. Non-core vaccines are given depending on the dog's exposure risk.
Common Vaccination Timeline Includes: ·6-8 weeks: DHPP, Canine Influenza Virus-H3N8, Canine Influenza Virus-H3N2 ·8 weeks: Bordatella, Leptospira, Lyme ·8-10 weeks: Canine Influenza Virus-H3N8, Canine Influen…